do you ever just realize that you’re not a good person

me: *finishes video game*
me: *reevaluates life*
me: *listens to video game ost 362743 times*
me: *cries for eternity*
New Stage 3 Opening | Heartcatch Precure

20|∞ - Happiness Charge Precure.

"You are 100 years too early to try and take us down by surprise. Adieu."

Max Heart then Splash☆Star
Yes! Fresh, GoGo
Heartcatch and it’s Suite
Smile, DokiDoki!
Happiness Charge
relative: so, are you dating anyone?
me: yeah, actually! want to see them?
relative: sure!
relative: why are you starting up a video game

"I told you both of us could fit.""I fucking hate you right now."


"I told you both of us could fit."
"I fucking hate you right now."

The worst crying is when your lying in bed, with your hand over your mouth so you don’t make noise. The tears are running onto your pillow and your hearts breaking and your thinking of everything that made you cry, and your other hand is on your heart or stomach because they both hurt.
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